AGHS Yearbook 2021

Info about purchasing a yearbook, senior portraits, and senior recognition ads

Senior Photos
This year's deadline was Friday, October 16. Thanks to all who submitted senior photos.

General Information:
Any photographer may take a senior photo; there is no requirement that a specific photographer be used. However, the photo MUST satisfy three criteria: 1. The photo must be correctly formatted. 2. The photo must adhere to the school's acceptable use policy. 3. The photo must be submitted by the listed deadline. A senior who does not submit a photo by the deadline will have his/her school ID photo used in the yearbook.

How to submit a senior photo:
Once your senior photo is formatted correctly, click on the link below to submit via a Google Form. Note: Photos will not be accepted via email. The Google Form must be used.
LINK: expired

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your photo (digital file) is labelled with YOUR name.
Save as: Last Name, (space) First Name example: Smith, John.tiff
Free Senior Photos
If you cannot afford pictures at this time, don't miss this moment! Notify your counselor or Administrator Mrs. Lee.
We will help you make this happen!

Photo Formatting Requirements (size and settings)
Dimensions: 1.5 inches wide x 2.0 inches high (vertical image with 90° corners)
Resolution: 400 pixels/inch
Color Space Setting: sRGB
8 bits/channel
Save in TIFF format (layers flattened)
Save as: Last Name, (space) First Name example:
Smith, John.tiff

AGHS Acceptable Use Policy
What types of photos are not acceptable for senior portraits?
Photos for school publication must adhere to the Education Code. The items not acceptable for publication are: images of cigarettes, marijuana and related paraphernalia, illegal substances other than marijuana, alcohol signage/logos promoting alcohol, gang attire or related paraphernalia, knives, guns (both real and “toy”), swords, bombs and other types of explosive devices. Also not allowed are inappropriate pictures (cleavage or grabbing certain parts of the anatomy) or pictures that Administration deem offensive.

Frequent Errors Of Submitted Photos
•Photos saved at the wrong resolution. They need to be saved at 400dpi. Each year we receive photos at 72dpi that look fine on a computer screen but will not print well. Please check your photo before submission.
•Photos cropped to the wrong ratio. They need to be at a ratio of 1.5 wide by 2.0 high. We often receive photos from students and professional photographers that are cropped 1.333 inches x 2 inches. Check your application’s preferences. If a photo is taken directly from a camera and resized without re-cropping, the ratio will be incorrect.
•Photos saved at the wrong bit rate. Photos need to be 8 bits/channel, and we receive several—mostly from professional photographers—that are saved at 16bits/channel. (Always check the default settings in Lightroom.) It’s easy to check your photos in Photoshop. With the image open in Photoshop, go to the the menu item “IMAGE” and then “MODE” and you will see at the bottom of the pulldown the options for bits: 8 bits/channel, 16 bits/ channel, and 32 bits/channel. Choose “8 bits/channel” and then re-save.
•Photos submitted with an incorrectly spelled name or that use a nickname or different last name from the name listed on school records. We use the name printed on official school records.
•Saving a photo as a TIFF file without flattening the layers
•Photos saved as "indexed color"
instead of RGB color
•Photos that violate the school’s acceptable use policy

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The correct settings for a digital file should look like this:

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This is how to crop a photo in Adobe Photoshop:
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